White Paper

Memonyx Platform Overview Introduction: Memonyx is a platform specializing in fan projects inspired by renowned series and movies. "Asquids" is the title of its premiere season, taking a fan-meme app.

Target Audience:

Crypto Enthusiasts
For this group the main interest about the Memonyx is buying tokens and NFTs, expanding and distributing their investment opportunities in the crypto world.
Series Fans
For Squid Game fans - getting a unique experience: they can be part of their favourite teasers by getting masks and characters, and trying to solve the main mystery of the game: who is behind the masks.
For Squid Game fans, Memonyx offers a unique first-person gaming experience. Players get the chance to step into the shoes of their favorite characters by acquiring masks and characters. While playing, they can immerse themselves in the mystery and excitement of the game, actively participating in the quest to solve the main mystery: uncovering who is behind the masks. This perspective brings a deeper level of engagement and connection to the world of the series.
NFT Collectors
For collectors, Memonyx offers special generative NFTs. These NFTs are valuable not just because they are rare but also in their history. We have created characters from all races and backgrounds of the most recognizable countries to bring the story of the Squid Game closer to each of you. In this way, we aim to show that no matter who you are or where you come from, you are participating in this exclusive show
Gamers in Memonyx get an experience in exciting levels and challenges, entering into a thrilling game world. They have the chance to complete these difficult levels and become winners on the leaderboard. To win, gamers need to understand how each level works and find the key to success in each of them. This adds an extra layer of strategy and skill, making the gaming experience even more engaging.
Web 2.0 Audience
This group can easily move from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, enjoying the game and exploring the world of NFTs and tokens if they want to.

Game Component:

Comprising six levels, much like the original Squid Game, the game is timed, with the exception of the 6th level. To make the game more worldwide and avoid any copying problems, we have created new backgrounds to show different countries where the games happen. Now, each level happens in a different place in the world: Level 1 is in Egypt, Level 2 is in Paris, Level 3 is in Japan, Level 4 is in China, Level 5 is in the United Kingdom, and the Final Level is in India. This international theme not only adds diversity but also enhances the gaming experience by taking players on a virtual journey around the world.
Level 1:
Players must run when Anubis is turned away and stop when he looks at them. If a player moves when Anubis faces them, they are out of the game.
Level 2:
Players need to carefully use a needle to follow a line and cut out a shape from a cookie. If a player goes outside the line, they start again.
Level 3:
In this challenge, players have to quickly press a green button so their team wins in tug of war. The team that pulls the rope to their side wins. After this level player give a mask.
Level 4:
Players need to collect 8 balls by playing a game of odd or even against their opponent. Each win brings them closer to victory.
Level 5:
The task is to cross a bridge made of glass squares. Each jump has a 50/50 chance of success. Players have 5 lives to complete this challenge. After this level player give a mask. Check your hunch!
Final Level:
In the last level, players must either run away from or chase their opponent. The main goal is to beat the opponent to become the final winner of the game.
Gameplay Rules:
Training Game (Duration: 1.5 months): A practice version where players learn the game. If they lose, they're taken back to the start. Successfully completing levels 3 and 5 rewards players with an NFT mask.
Final Game (Duration: 1 day): To qualify, players must either collect 15 masks, discover a generative NFT, have DAO access, or gather 60 memes. Participation mandates owning NFT characters. If a player loses, these NFTs are burned. Only the champion of the 6th (final) level is awarded the "Huge Prize".

Series Component:

The first season, "Asquids", will feature five mini-episodes. These delve into an alternate universe's events, primarily revolving around discovering the identities beneath the golden masks. Post the 4th episode, users can buy tokens, aiding in revealing these mysterious personalities.
Additionally, Memonyx integrates a unique gamification mechanic using memes. These memes are a key to gaining access to the final game. Each meme is crafted with comments related to different levels of the game, customized with familiar characters. These witty and engaging memes not only add a fun element to the game but also challenge players to recognize the characters. Can you identify them? This feature adds an extra layer of interaction and enjoyment, making the game experience more immersive and relatable.

NFT Collection Component:

Our platform's collection of NFTs is unique in that anyone, regardless of race or ethnicity, can become a central character in the entire narrative. We offer a highly inclusive and interactive experience where NFT characters are diverse and adaptable.
They have different eye, skin and hair colors, etc., as well as different national items in their hands or on their heads that can change, reflecting the huge diversity of our global user base. The backgrounds of these characters can also have different locations, providing a sense of familiarity and connection for users from around the world.
This approach emphasizes the core message of our collection: anyone, regardless of their background, can be at the center of a story, making it truly universal and engaging.
A key part of this component is the generative NFTs – there are 15 rare and valuable NFTs in the collection waiting to be discovered by users.
To get these generative NFTs, users must do two things: earn a mask in the Training Games and correctly match it with a character, which can be bought separately or through a subscription. These NFTs increase in value over time and are planned to be used in future seasons. Pairing a mask with a character in our game does more than just add to the play.
It's a way for users to dig into the story and find out who started the scary and fascinating Squid Game. This adds more mystery and excitement to the whole experience.
The NFT masks are on the Polygon network, while the NFT characters are on the Ethereum network, ensuring optimal security and efficiency in handling these assets.


The plan is to produce 100 000,00 tokens, of which:
  • Seed Round - 2%
  • Strategic Round - 2%
  • Private Round - 2%
  • Public Offering - 15%
  • Liquidity of decentralized exchanges - 20%
  • Charity - 1%
  • Team and experts - 10%
  • Royalty to copyright holders - 15%
  • DAO Rewards - 23%

Token Component:

The ASQDS token on the Asquids platform is a versatile digital asset. These tokens are limited in supply, indicating their value could increase as the Asquids community grows.
Additionally, ASQDS tokens can be used to buy NFTs, expanding your gaming experience with unique, reusable digital assets that evolve with game achievements and new seasons. Soon, there will be an option to trade ASQDS tokens, adding another layer of utility and potential investment opportunity.
The official listing of this token is scheduled for early 2024 and will be based on the Ethereum.
Gamification Mechanics Include:
  • Gather 60 memes or 15 masks to earn a spot in the Final Game.
  • A combination of mask + NFT resulting in a generative rewards the massive prize.
  • Acts like making donations or sharing our posts grant a whitelist spot for presales.
  • Buying a subscription assures a place in the Final Game.
  • If a player secures a position among the top 30 in the Training Game leaderboard, they earn access to the Final Game.
  • The top 10 in the Final Game leaderboard receive a complimentary 3-month subscription for the subsequent seasons.

DAO & Monetization Component:

The project's DAO represents a decentralized community, comprising members with distinct roles and privileges. Three membership types exist: regular members, influencers, and brand-partners.
Monetization Methods Include:
  • Accepting donations
  • Organizing presales and facilitating the buying of tokens and NFTs
  • Offering monthly subscription packages
Subscription Options:
Standard Package:
  • Monthly subscription:Provide DAO access, WL spots for 2 characters + 2 NFT masks, WL spots for 25 meme
  • One time subscription: Provide DAO access, WL spots for 1 characters + 3 NFT masks, WL spots for 50 meme
Influencers (Special):
Alongside the benefits of NFTs and tokens, influencers get the chance to initiate challenges, especially for their audience, backed by unique Asquids rewards.
Brand Partners (Special):
Apart from NFTs and tokens, brand partners are presented with a golden opportunity to weave their brand into the storyline and concept of the project, accompanied by supplemental advertising and mentions in the project's context.

Community Power

Building a Thriving Ecosystem
At Memonyx, we understand the critical role of community in the success of our "Asquids" project. Our active engagement on platforms like X, Discord, Reddit, and Telegram not only fosters a sense of belonging but also fuels the growth and adoption of the platform.
Why Join the Asquids Community?
  1. 1.
    Early Access and Insider Information: As a community member, you get firsthand updates on the latest developments, upcoming seasons, and exclusive content.
  2. 2.
    Influence Development: Your feedback and suggestions directly impact the evolution of "Asquids," ensuring the platform aligns with user preferences.
  3. 3.
    Networking Opportunities: Connect with other crypto enthusiasts, gamers, and NFT collectors, creating valuable relationships in the digital asset space.
The Power of Growth
The more active and vibrant our community is, the greater the trust and appeal of "Asquids." This organic growth leads to increased interest and investment in our tokens and NFTs, creating a prosperous ecosystem for all participants.
  1. 1.
    Investment Attraction: A strong community acts as a magnet for new investors, driving up the value of our tokens and NFTs.
  2. 2.
    Market Expansion: With every new member, the reach of "Asquids" expands, opening up new markets and opportunities for growth.
  3. 3.
    Enhanced Credibility: A robust and engaged community is a testament to the potential and longevity of the "Asquids" project.

Unique Features of Our Project:

Seamless Transition from Web2 to Web3:
Our platform offers a unique bridge between Web2 and Web3 environments. Users familiar with Web2 themes can effortlessly engage with our platform, enjoying the gaming experience without any initial commitments.
This approachable entry point into the world of Web3 is enhanced by the option for users to leave their wallet details to receive NFTs and tokens. This dual-world approach makes our platform accessible and inviting to a broad audience, easing the transition to the more advanced and decentralized aspects of Web3.
Reusable Tokens Across Seasons:
A standout feature of our project is the reusability of our tokens. Unlike many other platforms where tokens might have limited or single-season utility, our tokens are designed to be used across all upcoming seasons.
This longevity adds significant value to the tokens, as they remain relevant and functional over a longer period. It encourages sustained engagement from users, as they can be assured that their investments and achievements will carry forward, maintaining relevance and utility in future updates and expansions of the platform.
These unique aspects not only set our project apart but also provide a more enriched and enduring user experience, blending familiarity with innovation and ensuring ongoing engagement and value.

Memonyx Team:

Margarita Kiseleva - CEO and Co-founder
Margarita Kiseleva, CEO and co-founder of Memonyx, plays a big role in managing and directing the project. Her leadership and deep knowledge in technology and business are very important for Memonyx's success and growth.
Alexander Shcherbina - CMO and Co-founder
Alexander Shcherbina, CMO and co-founder, is in charge of marketing and branding for Memonyx. His strategies and campaigns help make Memonyx stronger in the market and attract new people.
Alexander Aleshin - CPO
Alexander Aleshin, as the CPO, focuses on making the product better. He pays attention to new ideas and user experience to keep Memonyx at the top of the industry.
CTO ensures that Memonyx is technologically advanced and safe. His experience in blockchain and software development is very important for the platform's stability and effectiveness so we decided not to cover his name.
And two developers:
One developer specializes in the game development and payment methods, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience.
Another developer is focused on creating smart contracts and NFTs, adding a layer of innovation and security to the platform.
Their combined expertise in blockchain and software development is crucial for the platform's stability and effectiveness.

To sum up:

Memonyx Platform Overview: A New Way for Fans to Enjoy
Memonyx is a special platform for fan projects based on popular TV shows and movies. Its first season is called "Asquids," inspired by the "Squid Game" show. It combines gaming, NFT collecting, and token use.
Target Groups:
  1. 1.
    People Who Like Crypto: They can buy tokens and NFTs.
  2. 2.
    TV Show Fans: They can play a game and feel like they are part of the show.
  3. 3.
    NFT Collectors: They can get special and rare NFTs.
  4. 4.
    Gamers: They can play different levels with unique tasks.
  5. 5.
    Web 2.0 Users: They can easily start using Web 3.0.
Game Part: The game has six levels, each with different tasks inspired by various cultures and places.
NFT Collection: The NFTs are special and include people from all over the world.
Token System: They will make a limited number of ASQDS tokens for different uses, like buying things in the game and investing.
DAO and Making Money: They have a DAO for community decisions and make money through subscriptions and pre-sales.
Special Features:
  1. 1.
    Easy Move from Web2 to Web3.
  2. 2.
    Tokens Can Be Used in Different Seasons.

Join Our Journey

As we work tirelessly to elevate the popularity of "Asquids," we invite you to be a part of this exciting journey. If you possess the zeal to contribute and influence the growth of our community, reach out to us at [email protected]. Whether as an influencer, a passionate player, or a curious explorer, your participation can make a significant difference.
This document is currently in active development. Additional information will be provided when it becomes available.
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